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Dr. Caren Kaye

Changing the World - One Family at a Time

The Greatest Gift Is To Be Heard
Thought Proceeds Matter

Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit

   After a successful twenty-year career as an actress, I received my Masters of Arts in Psychology.  I began working with clients from a private office in Westwood, California. I now live in Bend, OR, working from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest.  My passion is Quantum Healing, working with the mind, body and spirit.  I see it as a trilogy for good health.  If your physical body is compromised, adjusting your thinking can be helpful in healing.  If your thoughts are causing you grief and unhappiness, shifting the way you care for your body and increasing your energy will prove beneficial for your mental health.  The third element, spirit, can seem more fluid but is the foundation in which we hold our humanity and compassion - all significant elements in an empowered life.

     I work with individuals, couples and families, facilitating various groups, including adoption, adult men, adult women, troubled teens and drug addiction, as well as  conflict resolution in the corporate world.  To accommodate faraway client, I also work with email and Skype.  I love teaching parenting with a theory that has motivated me to write a book entitled,

         “P. A. C. E. Your Way Through Parenting.”

     Having spent half my life as a performer, I use improvisation techniques when called for.  Sometimes in groups we get to play people other than ourselves. For example, a mother might find greater awareness of a specific conflict by walking in her child's shoes.

     Essentially I call on all forms of art and culture to  bring enthusiasm to the sessions.   Retraining your belief systems is the core of my work.  Who says it cannot be enjoyable as well?  

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